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EPIC 8 LLC is dedicated to creating and offering a variety of products that make a real difference in peoples' lives by helping individuals Look, Feel and Live Younger Longer.



Design a global brand that only offers effective products to help the average person experience health and wellness benefits through sensible supplementation and education.


We will never compromise our quality.

At Epic 8 LLC, health is everything.

Our promise includes offering products that help you Look, Feel, and Live Younger Longer.


Dr. Dave knew that from age 20 to age 40 we drop in HGH production by 85%. Many physicians believe it’s the decline in this Master Hormone that causes most of the health challenges that people experience after their 40’s.

Dr. Dave spent years evaluating all of the options people could use as ways to boost their HGH levels naturally and finally determined that the most effective in both time and cost was a homeopathic gel that can be applied to the skin to encourage the body to make more of this vital hormone.

It took years of testing and a lot of trial and error to get the product to its current state. Sharing the gel with friends, family and a few patients who wanted to help him develop it, allowed Dr. Dave to improve the product and find the optimal balance in these ingredients.


Now, it's your turn to try the GR8-1 Gel!


Our Customers

Dr. Dave Carpenter

Managing Member

For over 30 years Dr. Dave Carpenter owned and operated Path to Health LLC, a holistic health clinic in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Dr. Carpenter is a Naturopathic MD and a Licensed Acupuncturist (retired) who believes that the body is designated to heal itself when we provide it with what it needs.

He is an author, a public speaker and the creator and formulator of multiple popular supplements. Dr. Carpenter has served on several industry boards including the Idaho Association of Naturopathic Medicine and the International Iridology and Medical Advisory Boards.

His unique perspective has been invaluable to many of these companies in their approach to marketing, product testing, product development, and product education. 


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